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What Bathroom Trends Are On Their Way Out?

Outdated bathroom look trends that designers avoid

Not all trends are permanent; some of them are relevant only for one or two years. Knowing the outdated bathroom trends can help you remodel your current bathroom with a more modern and up-to-date design. Check the list of the things you should avoid in your bathroom in 2023.

Bathroom Design Trends Going Away In 2023

You may need to change some items in your bathroom to give it a more contemporary look. Here are the things you should remodel in your outdated bathroom makeover. 

Oversized Bathtub

The big and deep bathtubs or those with a Jacuzzi-style are outdated now. Some people still like this type of bathtub because of the luxury look it may give to the bathroom. However, the main reason to change this bathtub is the amount of water being used in it. Nowadays, more environmentally friendly items are used in decorating. Therefore, you can help nature by replacing the oversized tub with a bathtub with the right size for your bathroom.

Bulb-Framed Mirrors

The mirrors with lots of bulbs around them were popular in the past. They were also called Hollywood mirrors, which even enhanced their popularity. But in 2023, no more bulbs are recommended in the new bathroom design ideas. Instead, LED mirrors take their place. 

Multiple Shower Heads

As mentioned, in today’s world, natural resources are essential in any design. We must do our best not to waste even a drop of water. One way is to choose more modern and sustainable shower systems that use less water. The multiple shower heads are not only out of style but also not sustainable anymore.

Carpet in the Bathroom

Generally, the carpet does not belong to the bathroom. But like any come-and-go trends, it was used in some old days. If you currently have carpet in your bathroom, you should definitely replace it with another type of flooring because the wet condition of the bathroom makes carpets the best place for mold and mildew growth. Therefore, if you care about your health, avoid using carpet in the bathroom.

Wall-Mount Faucets

The wall-mounted faucets are not outdated. They still look great. But there is one problem that makes people avoid using this type of faucet, which is the hidden plumbing behind the wall, making it harder for you to find out if it is leaking. Therefore, not only will water be wasted inside the wall, but it will also be more expensive to repair such plumping issues.

bathrooms that never go out of style
Fixing piping issues is difficult in wall-mounted faucets

Bathroom Trends You Should Avoid in 2023

The following outdated bathroom trends are the ones that may not have any impact on your health or environment, but they do not look as great as before. 

Copper Bathtubs

It is not common to see a copper bathtub in today’s bathrooms. That is because the copper material is not for today. Although copper looks stunning in the bathroom in most decorations, it just does not fit anymore. White or black bathtubs are more common and go well with any type of bathroom decoration. Furthermore, silver, gold, and bronze are better choices for faucets.

All White Bathroom

One of the outdated bathroom design trends is the one-colour bathroom, which is mostly all in white. Now it is time to add more shades to your bathroom decoration. Paint the walls with a more sophisticated colour and use patterned flooring. However, your outdated bathroom makeover should not make this place cluttered. So, avoid using too many colours and patterns. Follow a simple and minimal design. 

old bathroom trends to avoid in 2023: all white bathroom setup
Add more colour to your bathroom design

Ornate Decoration

A bathroom is a place for relaxation; it is not a living room with too many luxurious items. For example, crystal chandeliers do not have a place in the bathroom, and even the ornate faucets are outdated. It is better to replace these items with sleeker and more soothing items like a modern wall-mounted vanity or simple faucets.

Chevron Tiles

Chevron’s pattern was a trend in the past. You could see this pattern in almost every bathroom design. But in 2023, it is one of the outdated bathroom trends that does not look wonderful anymore. Whether you have this pattern on the tiles or wall, it is time to replace it with another.

Bathroom Trends That Will Last

There are still some trends that will stay in 2023, and you can still use them in the bathroom design: 

Math Black Faucet

Although the bronze or gold faucets are still in use, the matt black faucets are better choices for your bathroom. They are more likely to remain trendy and you can use them for years without concern.

Matt black faucets are trendy in 2023
dark bathrooms that never go out of style

Frameless mirrors

Frames may go out of date, but frameless mirrors can stay longer in the bathroom without needing to be replaced. They can create the illusion of a bigger space in the bathroom too. Therefore, they are trendy and practical. Check the Aquarina website for the newest mirror trends

Wall-mounted vanity

The bathroom vanity can change the look of this place because it is one of the first items people see in this room. The wall-mounted vanities give a more modern look to the bathroom design. They are also easy to install. Therefore, it is one of the best options you have for your bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Design Rules You Should Break in 2023: Wall-mounted vanities
Wall-mounted vanities add a modern look to the bathroom

Bottom Line

If you want to remodel your bathroom design, it is better to learn more about outdated bathroom trends. Thus, you will know what you must replace in your current bathroom and what items you need to buy. You can find modern and up-to-date items for your bathroom on the Aquarina website.


Are marble bathrooms out of style?

Marble is one of the materials that stay trendy most of the time. Marble gives an elegant look to your bathroom. Furthermore, marble is water-resistant, making it a wonderful option for bathroom decoration. 

Are freestanding tubs going out of style?

If you currently have a freestanding tub in your bathroom, do not worry. You will not need to replace it with another tub because the freestanding tubs are still popular in 2023. 

Will gold faucets go out of style?

Although they may not be as trendy as matt black faucets, you can still see gold faucets in 2023 bathroom designs. 

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