Kitchen Sink (130)

Prep & Bar Sinks (3)

Workstation Kitchen Sinks (40)

Utility & Laundry Sink (10)

Kitchen Faucets & Taps (87)

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Pot Filler (10)

Bar and Prep Faucets

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Kitchen Fixture Product Availability

Aquarina offers you a large selection of kitchen fixtures and fittings suitable for all decorations. Get ready to renovate your kitchen with the latest products.

Recognize some of them as follows:

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We gathered all the products from top brands in Canada in the kitchen and bathroom fixtures industry. 

TENZO logo


One of the top brands in Canada located in Montreal, which started its work in 2008. It is now one of the high-end and elegant brands for bathroom products such as shower columns and faucets.

TENZO pro logo

Tenzo Pro

Tenzo company provides some of its products with the Tenzo Pro brand. 



From top materials to the latest technology, STYLISH® offers high-quality kitchen and bathroom faucets with sleek and stylish finishes. All the products of this brand are 100% lead-free, which makes them safe for drinking water from the tap. 

kubebath logo


Nothing is more important than the environment to the KUBEBath company. That is why this brand is well-known for the sustainable bathroom products it designs. 



As one of the top kitchen and bathroom fixtures manufacturers in Ontario, Canada, KODEAN INC works hard to develop fashionable and high-quality products. 



The main product of BOSCO Canada Inc. is its kitchen and bathroom sinks, known for their modern and elegant designs and innovative functionalities.


Bain Signature

This brand offers a variety of bathroom fixtures, from free-standing bathtubs to bathroom cabinets and basins.



As one of the top brands in the bathroom and kitchen industry, AquaBrass offers a large selection of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, from faucets to shower systems. Their goal is to design easy-to-install products so their customers do not have complications installing fixtures and fittings.

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Learn some tips and tricks about buying the proper kitchen fixtures: 

Want a Timeless Kitchen?

Find the latest kitchen trends and guides for remodelling your current design. 

How to create your dream kitchen?

Here are the creative ideas to help you give a new look to your kitchen. 

The Best Kitchen Renos Tips

Choosing Kitchen Fixtures

How to Pick Up best Options

  • Consider your budget.
  • Read other customers’ comments.
  • Know your kitchen decorating type so you can buy products that match this style.
  • Determine your priorities. Buy the more important items first.
  • Think about quality first.
  • Consider the installation. It is better to ask a professional to do installations to prevent any mistakes or mess.
  • Check the water pressure of your home so you can find a suitable faucet accordingly.
Types of Kitchen Faucets and How to Choose One

Kitchen Faucets By Type

Kitchen faucets are the most important items in the kitchen. Know the different types. 


Pull Out Vs. Pull Down Faucets

Pull-out faucets are the ones that not only have an integrated head but also you can move the head to the sides. The pros are: 

  • Washing the areas beside the sink is much.
  • A great option for shallow sinks because it lets you choose a shorter spout
  • Flexible design.
  • It does not cause splashing.

1, 2 & 3-Hole Sink Faucets

  • You can add a single-handle faucet to 1-hole sinks. 
  • You can have a single-hole faucet with 2-hole sinks.
  • You can add two-handle faucets to 3-hole sinks. 
  • A 4-hole sink is also common; it has an extra hole for a water sprayer or a soap dispenser.

Pull Down Vs. Pull Out Faucets

Pull-down faucets are the ones that have an integrated head that pulls down to the sink. You cannot move this head to the sides; it pulls straight out. The pros are:

  • Being ergonomic. 
  • A good option for deep sinks. 
  • Despite having fewer movements, its control is easier.
  • Has more longevity because it does not twist.
Sink into a New Kitchen with Aquarina!

Kitchen Sinks By Type​

Find All the Sinks You Need for Your Dream Kitchen!


Bar Sinks Or Small Kitchen Sinks?

Bar sinks, also called small kitchen sinks or prep sinks, are shallower than normal kitchen sinks. They do not need much space, which makes them a great choice for smaller kitchens.

Bar sinks come in a variety of styles to accommodate different kitchen designs


Utility Sinks VS. Laundry Sinks

Utility sinks are deeper than typical kitchen sinks. This feature allows you to clean up larger objects. This type of sink is usually used in commercial kitchens.

Laundry sinks, as their name indicates, can be used for cleaning stains from clothing or washing clothes with hands. It is usually used as the bathroom sink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Products like faucets, sinks, kitchen islands, or cooking appliances are fixed to their places. In most cases, these items are not removed until a kitchen renovation is being conducted. 

If you use high-quality products, you will not need to replace your kitchen fixture for up to 20 years.

It mostly depends on your budget, decorating type, and the fixture you want to buy. We encourage you to buy high-quality products from top brands. 

Not only in Canada but also all over the world, the price of kitchen fixtures has increased due to more taxes and fuel costs manufacturers have to pay.