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What Are Bathroom Furniture Sets?

Bathroom furniture can change the appearance of your bathroom and create a sleek modern look. Whether you have a large or small bathroom, you can add space, elegance, and functionality with the right furniture.

Generally, there are two types of bathroom furniture:

  • The first group is the bathroom products you can change yourself, such as mirrors or bathroom vanities, usually called “bathroom fixtures.
  • The second group is the products related to water transportation, which you cannot change yourself and are not mainly visible in the bathroom decoration.

Typically, people change the bathroom fixture to create a new look for their bathroom. The process of changing the bathroom fixture is easy and does not have any complexity. Here is the most common furniture you can buy:

Bathroom Vanity

Knowing the difference between these types can help you find the best vanity for your bathroom.

Vanity is necessary for any washroom. They come in various styles and shapes, making it easier to choose one that matches your bathroom's style. Bathroom vanities come in three different types: wall-mount, floor-mount, and freestanding.

Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors are essential for bathroom design. They can brighten the space and create an illusion of more space, especially in small bathrooms. If you are looking for small bathroom furniture, buy mirror cabinets, which you can use as a mirror to check your appearance or as a storage unit for keeping items such as toothbrushes or other products. Use borderless mirrors to create a bigger space in your bathroom.

Bathroom Cabinet

You can buy a bathroom cabinet and mirror separately from Aquarina if you have more space. Invest in bathroom storage cabinets to have a more organized bathroom. They are usually fixed on the wall so you can easily fit them in the bathroom to keep towels, shampoos, and other products inside.

Things To Consider While Buying Bathroom Furniture

Before buying bathroom fixtures, consider the following things:

Bathroom Size

First, measure the space you have precisely. Whether you want to hang a mirror on the wall or add a new vanity to the floor, you should have dimensions so the new product can fit in its place correctly. If you have a small bathroom and need more space to add different bathroom fixtures, consider purchasing a bathroom furniture combination. For example, a cabinet vanity or a mirror cabinet are better options for small bathrooms.

Bathroom Style

To create harmony in the bathroom design, furniture style is the one thing you should consider. First, select the decoration style in your bathroom. Decide whether the decoration is contemporary, traditional, or modern. Then, choosing furniture will be much easier for you. For example, a high gloss bathroom vanity is more stylish for modern decoration because it can add an elegant and minimal style to the bathroom.

To create a traditional decoration, you can add wooden bathroom vanity, which adds a vintage style to the space.

Bathroom Colour Tonnage & Tonality

It is the primary colour of a space that completes its design. You better think about the colour before you buy anything for your house. Most bathrooms have light shades to create a bright and large area.

Tip: Add some colour to make it much more vivid.

Neutral colours are more common because they go with any design. You can set up a gray bathroom vanity with white flooring. If you choose wooden furniture, you can choose beige or cream shades for the walls to create harmony in this area.


You should also think about bathroom furniture installation. Some products might need special tools to be assembled or attached to their place. If you want to install the vanity, mirror or cabinet yourself, consider buying products, such as freestanding vanities, which are easier to install. Otherwise, we recommend asking a professional to install the bathroom fixtures, especially if they require to be added to the pipelines.

Wall-mounted or Freestanding

The next vital thing to consider is choosing between wall-mounted and freestanding vanities. The main idea is to decide based on the bathroom size. Generally, wall-mounted vanities are the better option for small bathrooms because it does not stand on the floor, so there is more space in the bathroom. However, no rule says you cannot choose this type of vanity for a large bathroom. But you should also consider that installing a wall-mounted vanity is more complicated than a freestanding vanity.

Consequently, freestanding vanities are easier to install if you care about the installation method.

FAQs about Bathroom Furniture

Can I Use Wood Furniture in My Bathroom?

Yes, you can use solid wood or plywood furniture in the bathroom. There are many advantages to using this material in this place. Wood can add warmness to bathroom decoration, it is elegant, and if your wooden furniture is waterproof, you can use it for a long time. This type of furniture is always trendy and will not go outdated soon.

How to Make Small Bathrooms Look Luxurious?

First, you need to search for small bathroom furniture to create the illusion of more space in this room. A large frameless mirror, floating vanity, and bright shades can make the area more prominent. The simpler you decorate a small bathroom, the more luxurious it will look.

How to Organize Bathroom Furnishings?

Bathroom storage cabinets are the best options for organizing bathroom products. If you have a small bathroom, you can buy a mirror cabinet, a combination of a bathroom mirror and a storage cabinet. Don’t forget the storage your bathroom vanity can have.