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Showing 1–21 of 113 results

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Floating Bathroom Vanities Guide

Wall-mounted vanity, also known as floating vanity, is one of the latest trends in bathroom design that provides many benefits. It comes in different sizes, colours, and materials. If you are remodelling your bathroom, check wall mounted bathroom vanity products on Aquarina.

Some factors can help you with buying wall-mount vanities:

Consider The Space In Your Bathroom

Wall mounted bathroom vanities are an excellent and eye-catching option for bathrooms of all sizes. But before buying this type of vanity, you should measure the space carefully so that the vanity completely fits into its place. The popular bathroom vanities sizes are 24, 30, 36, 48, 60, and 72 inches. For larger bathrooms, check the number of sinks you want to have and then measure the width of the vanity based on that. For smaller bathrooms, you can consider corner floating vanities that are smaller and mounted to the corner of the wall.

Select the Suitable Material

Floating vanities come in various materials, such as granite, quartz, marble, or MDF. Each has its characteristics and price. Therefore, consider your budget, vanity installation, and how you can clean each material. Then, choose the vanity top material based on your preferences.

Sink Type & Material

Find a suitable wall mount vanity with a sink. You can select among different mounting styles, such as under-mount sinks, drop-in sinks, or vessel sinks. Choose the sink style according to the bathroom decorating type. Furthermore, it is essential to consider the faucet as well. Sometimes you may find faucet-included sinks, which will make it much easier for you to match the sink and the faucet together.

Choose the Vanity Colour

It is the vanity’s colour & finish that can complete your bathroom design. Select the colour for the cabinet doors based on your bathroom style. Most people choose lighter shades to make the bathroom a peaceful and relaxing place.

Benefits Of Buying A Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

While searching for new bathroom vanities, you may face different vanity types and wonder which is a better option for your new bathroom design. Here are the benefits of adding a floating vanity to your bathroom.

  • Floating vanities give a modern look to your bathroom.
  • Since there is a free space underneath this vanity, it is much easier to clean the bathroom thoroughly.
  • As their name indicates, wall-mounted vanities are hung to the wall, and they do not have any legs to stand on the floor.. Therefore, it creates the illusion of a bigger space in the bathroom. If you are remodelling a small bathroom, consider buying a floating vanity.
  • Generally, wall mount vanities have a cabinet that provides you with storage to organize bathroom items, such as towels or other products. It will again cause this type of vanity a great choice for small bathrooms, where you need more hidden space to store different products.
  • A wall mounted bathroom vanity can be installed at any elevation. So, people can adjust the floating bathroom vanity to the height suitable for them.
  • A wall hung vanity makes bathroom flooring look more beautiful because it puts the tilework on display.


Are wall-hung vanity units safe?

The modern floating vanity is firmly attached to the wall. Therefore, its safety is mainly dependent on how well you install it. Furthermore, different vanity materials can hold different weights. Thus, you should choose the sink type and material accordingly.

Does bathroom vanity need to be attached to the wall?

Generally, most bathroom vanities are attached to the wall to prevent them from moving, whether wall-mounted or floor-standing.