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Bathroom Fixture Products to Consider

It is now time to buy new bathroom fixtures. 
Find your preferred bathroom vanities, bathtubs, and bathroom sinks, as well as a wide range of other high-end bathroom fixtures on Aquarina.

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We offer you bathroom fixtures and fittings from top brands:

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One of the top brands in Canada located in Montreal, which started its work in 2008. It is now one of the high-end and elegant brands for bathroom products such as shower columns and faucets.

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Tenzo Pro

Tenzo company provides some of its products with the Tenzo Pro brand. 



From top materials to the latest technology, STYLISH® offers high-quality kitchen and bathroom faucets with sleek and stylish finishes. All the products of this brand are 100% lead-free, which makes them safe for drinking water from the tap. 

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Nothing is more important than the environment to the KUBEBath company. That is why this brand is well-known for the sustainable bathroom products it designs. 



As one of the top kitchen and bathroom fixtures manufacturers in Ontario, Canada, KODEAN INC works hard to develop fashionable and high-quality products. 



The main product of BOSCO Canada Inc. is its kitchen and bathroom sinks, known for their modern and elegant designs and innovative functionalities.


Bain Signature

This brand offers a variety of bathroom fixtures, from free-standing bathtubs to bathroom cabinets and basins.



As one of the top brands in the bathroom and kitchen industry, AquaBrass offers a large selection of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, from faucets to shower systems. Their goal is to design easy-to-install products so their customers do not have complications installing fixtures and fittings.

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Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

  •  Buying a high-quality bathroom fixture is an investment, despite higher costs.
  • Compare different products and materials to ensure you buy high-quality products for your bathroom.
  • Consider your budget to make a smaller list of products you can buy.
  • Recognize the style you want to have in your bathroom. It will help you with the colour and materials of bathroom fixtures. 
  • Always measure the space you have to avoid buying larger products.
  • Neutral colours can be much easier to match with other bathroom features. 
  • Check the water pressure of your home. Some bathroom fixtures, like high-pressure shower panels, will not work properly if the water pressure is low.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, bathroom fixtures are products or features fixed to their place and will not be removed until you renovate the bathroom. These products include bathtubs, sinks, and toilets that are normally installed to the wall or need plumping. Despite the fact that other bathroom materials might fall under this category, easily removable products are known as bathroom fittings.

Aquarina is here to help you find high-quality bathroom fixtures made by top Canadian brands. You can search by brand, material, and product type.

You can match white walls, dark brown vanities, or soft and sleek black accessories with almond fixtures. Add cream and beige to your decoration if you want a brighter bathroom design.