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Consider buying a new bathroom shower?

Why not choose a shower column set? Shower columns, also known as shower towers, are among the latest shower trends that add a modern appearance to your bathroom. This showering system consists of a shower head, hand shower, body jets and controls setting on one column.

So, when you install that column on the bathroom wall, you have all the showering features in one place. Still not sure if this showering system is the right option for you? Here we give you some reasons to buy a shower tower system.

Benefits of Having a Shower Column in Your Bathroom

Why is a shower column suitable for your bathroom?

  • A luxury look. Before mentioning the functional reasons for having a shower column kit in the bathroom, let us take a look at how it will change the environment of this place. A shower panel is normally so minimal and sleek, which impacts the decoration of the bathroom and gives it a luxurious look.
  • All-in-one system. A shower tower provides a variety of functions, so you do not have to purchase separate tools to enjoy a wonderful shower experience. You will not have to buy different products and have a problem matching them together. You only need to choose one style and buy an all-in-one showering system.
  • Easy installation. Since a shower panel tower system is one unit that has all the necessary showering tools, its installation will not be complicated. You only need to install the panel to the wall. You will also save time by not having to connect the pipework and wall units separately.
  • Variety of designs and finishes. You can find shower columns in various materials and designs, from Black shower columns to chrome and gunmetal. Thus, you will have lots of options due to your decorating style.
  • Affordable for all budgets. Apart from the materials and shades, shower spa systems come in different styles. They come with various features, from 3 in 1 shower column to a shower panel with jets (a two functions shower column) or the more advanced ones with four functions. Choosing the right showering system will be much easier if you know your budget.

Shower Column Buying Guide: How to Pick Shower Panel You NEED!

Before buying a shower tower panel, consider the following factors:

Check the water system of your home

For the shower system to perform as best as possible, it requires high water pressure. It is recommended to check if your current water system has at least 2.0 bar of water pressure so your shower system can work properly.

Choose the right material

The high-quality materials may cost higher, but they last longer. Therefore, you will save money if you purchase something that will last for a decade rather than something you should change in a few years.


What is a shower column?

A shower panel or shower column is a combination of the shower head, hand shower, body jet, and controls positioned on a panel, which is attached to the bathroom wall.

How to choose a shower column?

First, choose how many functions you need based on your budget. The most affordable products are shower panels with two functions. If you are searching for a more advanced product, you can find a four function shower column. You can find shower columns for sale on Aquarina.

How do you install a shower column?

Shower column installation is very easy, especially if you have DIY experience. You need to fit the panel with the hot and colour pipes, and after connecting the panel to the water supply pipes, attach the panel to the wall with screws and brackets that come with its package.