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Water Dispenser Faucet

There is an increasing demand for 2 in 1 product, especially in small kitchens where you want to make food quickly or drink hot coffee. What can make all things done faster than before? Read more about kitchen water dispenser faucets and all the benefits they will bring to your kitchen.

What is A Water Dispenser Faucet?

Kitchen sinks normally have one faucet, known as a kitchen faucet. They are used to wash the dishes and rinse the vegetables or fruits. Some people even use tap water for drinking. But a drinking water faucet is required to separate the water used for washing from the water used for drinking.

A water dispenser, also called a beverage faucet, is a separate faucet, usually smaller than the main one, located at the sink beside the kitchen faucet. You can use it only for cold water or buy a hot & cold water dispenser for boiling water for hot drinks.

This type of faucet usually contains separate water tanks that are automatically refilled for filter or hot water. This tank is also connected to the plumbing.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Filtered Water Dispenser Faucet?

Now that we explained what a water dispenser faucet is, it is time to learn more about its benefits. Why do you need to buy an instant hot and cold water dispenser faucet?

  • You can drink filtered water, which is healthier than tap water.
  • If you add an instant hot water dispenser to your sink, you can make tea or coffee in a minute.
    The temperature of the kitchen water dispenser faucet is adjustable. You can have boiling water at the preferred degree.
  • You can also save water by using beverage faucets because you will have hot or cold drinking water whenever you want. (No need to fill bottles.)
  • The hot drinks you make with hot beverage faucets will taste better because the water will not remain in the kettle for a long time.

You can find different styles and types of this faucet on Aquarina.

What is the difference between a bar and a beverage faucet?

Kitchen faucets have different types. You may have heard about bar faucets and wondered if they are the same as water dispenser faucets. Bar faucets and beverage faucets seem similar but have differences. The things that separate them from each other are as follows:

  • A beverage faucet is located next to the main kitchen sink faucet. But the bar faucet is normally used for smaller sinks known as bar sinks. It may have the same size as the beverage faucet but sits behind the main faucet.
  • Bar faucets cannot handle boiled water. So it is not normally used for instant hot water.
  • Purchase a hot water beverage faucet if you want boiling water from the tap.

Water Dispenser Faucet Buying Guide

By buying an instant hot and cold water dispenser faucet, you will not need to buy a countertop hot water dispenser, which takes up space in your kitchen. This compact faucet will save you money and add functionality to your kitchen sink. Here are the things you need to consider for buying a beverage faucet.

Water Dispenser Tank Size And Power

The main thing to consider is the capacity of the water dispenser tank. Larger tanks may be better if you use the water more frequently. You should also consider the size of the sink and the space it has. For example, if you have an undermount kitchen sink, you may have a smaller area to add the water tank. Check the space under the sink and choose a tank that fits comfortably.

Style And Finishes

Drinking water faucets also come in different styles and finishes. You can buy the faucet and dispenser separately, but buying a model with a faucet will be much more affordable. Since this additional faucet sits next to the main kitchen tap, you should find one with the same style and finish. Check Aquarina kitchen taps to find the proper beverage faucet.

Water Dispenser Type

As mentioned, drinking water faucets come in various types; some only provide cold drink water, and others can give you near-boiling water too. You will have more control with a 2-handle instant hot and cold water dispenser faucet.


What features do beverage faucets have? The main feature is the temperature adjustment, which makes it easier to have boiled water at a convenient degree. The other option is the ability to turn the hot water off. If you rarely need hot water, it will be better to turn off this feature so the water will not get hot for no reason.


Installing the beverage faucets is easy but needs some considerations. You should add the tank to the plumping. Read the installation guide to set up this faucet without any problem. In some cases, you may need to ask for professional help.

What Type Of Kitchen Sink Do You Need?

Since a cold water faucet is placed next to the main kitchen faucet, you may need a two-hole sink, so both faucets fit in the right location. However, you can still add this faucet to the standard one-hole sink. But you may need drilling to add space for this small faucet.


How to replace a water dispenser faucet?

You can either replace the faucet or its tank. For the water dispenser faucet replacement, turn off the hot tank and wait for it to cool down. Unplug the water cooler and remove the water bottle from the dispenser. You can place the new dispenser bottle or fill the previous one. In case of replacing the faucet, you need to unscrew the old one and set the new faucet. It is better for them to have the same size.

How to clean a water dispenser faucet?

A hot & cold water dispenser should be cleaned from time to time to avoid sediment accumulation. Especially if you add the water tank to the tap water. Turn off the hot water and unplug it. Unscrew the water dispenser bottle from its place, empty the water inside and wash it with semi-hot water at least two times.