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Shower System

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Enjoy an in-home Spa with the Perfect Shower System

From rainfall showers, body jets and tub spout combinations—create your ideal showering experience with our selection of the best shower system built for both convenience and chic. Get ready for the shower of your dreams.

Comfort and Style with Customized Shower System

Take your shower experience to the next level with a fully-customizable shower designed to bring unparalleled comfort and luxurious style to your home. With the flexibility to choose from rainfall showers, body jets, tub spouts and more, We help you Crafting Your Own Personal Heaven today!

let Aquarina be your partner to upgrade your shower system.

Rainfall Shower System

Relax under the gentle, calming downpour. Sit back and enjoy a luxurious shower experience, perfectly customizable to your home like never before.

Full Body Shower System

Allow the gentle sensation of body jets to lull you into the most profound relaxation while they target stress, tension and sore muscles with a massage-like shower.

Shower System With Tub Spouts

Transform your shower into an oasis with a tub spout, available in various sturdy finishes to match any bathroom decor.

Multiple Stream Options

Choose from rain showers, handheld shower systems, or even body jets to get a unique showering experience.

Create An Oasis In Your Bathroom With A Stylish Shower System

Transform your bathroom into an oasis with a modern and stylish shower system. We offer three types of showers, such as shower bar systems, built-in showers, and shower panel systems. Choose the type that best fits your unique bathroom to create an individualized experience.

Brand Quality Assurance

Our selection of bath shower system is made to last for years. The brands we work with are famous for their quality. Tenzo, Bain Signature and Aqua Piazzo are guaranteed the highest quality. Enjoy peace of mind with our brand quality assurance.

Infinite Customization

With adjustable body jets, pressure showers, multi-spray showers, smart temperature controls and many other features, you can customize your shower system to your preferences.

Maximum Comfort and Peace of Mind

Enjoy maximum comfort and peace of mind with the multi-function shower system array of features designed to keep you safe and comfortable

Aquarina categorizes shower system by shower functions which include:

We recommend 3 function showers to families with kids

Choose from the Variety of Finishes for a Perfect Shower

When it comes to shower head finishes, the possibilities are endless. No matter your style preference, there is a suitable finish to match!

  • Chrome (brushed and polished)
  • Nickel (brushed, polished and hammered)
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze (brushed and oil-rubbed)
  • Brass (polished, black, and white)

Get ready to have your mind and body soothed by the warm and perfect impression of a spa-like experience with our selection of shower heads, shower faucet and hand shower on Aquarina!
Shop now and buy shower system you always wanted!


What is the most common feature of Shower System?

The most common feature of Shower is hand spray. It is usually a separate unit from the main shower heads and can be mounted anywhere.

What types of shower systems are available at Aquarina?

  1. Single-Head Spray Showers: These showers are designed to be more efficient than traditional multi-head showers, as they use less water and energy while providing a more robust and luxurious shower experience.
  2. Rain Showers: These showers are designed to mimic the feeling of standing in light rain, with a gentle and even flow of water that covers the entire body.
  3. Dual and Multiple Showerheads: They can be installed in the same shower or across multiple showers, allowing for different water pressures and spray patterns to be used simultaneously.
  4. Hand-Held Shower Heads: With a hand-held shower head, you can easily target that is hard to reach parts of the body that cannot easily clean with a fixed shower head. Hand-Held Shower Heads are also great for children and pets as they can be used to rinse off soap and shampoo without having to stand in the shower.
  5. High-Pressure Shower Heads: High water pressure results in a more powerful spray and a more intense massage-like feeling. The higher pressure also helps to reduce water consumption, making it an environmentally friendly option.

How much does a good shower system cost?

The cost of a good shower usually depends on the type of shower you choose.  Features and  brands are the main factors for the price. Generally, a quality shower can range from $200 to $3,000.