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Find floor mount vanities with different colours and materials in Aquarina. Learn why a freestanding vanity is the best choice for your bathroom

Floor Mounted Bathroom Vanities Buying Guide

Thinking about adding a floor mounted vanity to your new bathroom design?

An essential part of remodelling a bathroom is replacing the vanity. Commonly, floor mounted vanities, or freestanding vanities, are among the most classical items to choose from. To help you decide whether this vanity is the right choice for your bathroom, we give you the following reasons to buy a freestanding bathroom vanity.

Some factors can help you with buying floor mounted vanities:

Measure the space carefully

Before choosing the new bathroom vanity, measure the width of the current vanity to purchase the new one with the exact fit. Furthermore, choose the floor mount vanity height based on the average height of the house residents

Select your budget

Since floor mounted vanities come with different materials and prices; it is better to select your budget first. After that, you will have a shorter list of what you can buy. Furthermore, you can choose between a freestanding single-sink vanity or a double vanity.

Find the right material

Each vanity material has its pros and cons. You can select the material based on its maintenance, quality, price, and life span. We always recommend you choose a high-quality vanity that can last for a long time so you will not have to pay again to buy a new bathroom vanity in a couple of years.

Benefits of Buying A Floor Mounted Vanity

Here are the reasons why a floor mounted vanity can be a good option for you:

  • Easier installation. You may want to do all the work related to bathroom remodelling yourself. In this case, it will be better to choose a floor mounted vanity because its installation is much easier. Since it stands on the floor, you will not have a problem aligning the sides on the wall or having someone by your side to hold the vanity while installing. However, having help will always be useful.
  • Different colours. One of the most important considerations while buying a new bathroom vanity is its colour. Aquarina’s floor mounted bathroom vanity units come in different shades, making them suitable for all decorating types. Furthermore, the right colour can make your freestanding vanity the bathroom's focal point.
  • Various materials. While buying a new bathroom vanity, you can choose from multiple materials. They have different characteristics and prices. Therefore, you can set your budget first and look for the floor mount vanity cabinet in that range. Also check Aquarina’s bathroom vanity cabinet & sink storage products.
  • More storage. Freestanding bathroom vanities offer more storage space. Since floor mounted vanities are extended to the floor, they will give you more space for organizing bathroom products.
  • Classical appearance. Floor-mounted bathroom vanities are among the great choices for a classical bathroom decoration because it is simple and classic.
  • Hide imperfections. You may find some imperfections behind the old bathroom vanity. Freestanding vanities can fully cover the floor and the wall, so the flaws will not be visible. It also hides all the plumbing work under the sink.
  • More secure. For homes with children or elderly residents, floor-standing vanities are the safer option. Since this type of vanity can hold more weight than wall-mounted vanities, these individuals will not be at risk.


Do freestanding vanities need to be attached to the wall?

Whether wall-mounted or floor-mounted, you need to attach the vanity to the wall to prevent it from moving.

What bathroom vanity colour is the most popular?

Neutral colours such as ivory, black, grey, or beige are the most popular hues for free standing bathroom cabinets.