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What Type of Sink is Best for Quartz Countertops?

what kind of sink goes with quartz countertops

When it comes to remodelling a house, most people choose a quartz countertop for their bathroom or kitchen. Due to its durability, attractive appearance, and ease of cleaning, quartz is considered the best material for bathroom and kitchen countertops. However, the main concern might be how to match it with the kitchen or bathroom sink because that is how these two components complete each other in the bathroom decoration. Therefore, you should find out what type of sink is best for quartz countertops.

How To Choose A Sink for Quartz Countertops?

Before choosing a kitchen sink for any type of countertop, you should consider some factors. First of all, you may think about how the sink’s design can boost your quartz countertop appeal. But, apart from how attractive the sink design might look, you should consider its endurance and functionality. You may have to pay more for a long-lasting kitchen sink, but you can ensure that it will work for you without any problem and be as beautiful as its first day for many years. You can still find high-quality kitchen sinks with affordable prices. 

Is Quartz Good for Kitchen or Bathroom Countertops?

A quartz stone is a type of stone that contains 10% polymers and pigments, which makes it more durable and visually appealing. It also comes in different colours, making quartz suitable for any type of decoration. Furthermore, quartz is scratch-resistant and easy to clean, which are the characteristics that everyone wants for their kitchen or bathroom countertops. Therefore, it is considered one of the best materials you can find for your home.

stainless steel material for industrial style kitchen
stainless steel sinks for quartz countertop are easy to clean

What Type of Sink is Best For Quartz Countertop?

The kitchen sink is the first and most important item in the kitchen that stays side by side with a quartz countertop. The same goes for the bathroom sink and its countertop. They must complement one another so they will look their best together. To buy a new sink for your bathroom or kitchen countertops, you should consider the following factors.

Apart from the colour and the material, it is the sink size and bowl depth that matter. Although there is no rule for the sink depth or size, the main aspect is its functionality. For example, deeper sinks can prevent water splashes from wetting the sides of the sink, and shallow sinks are one of the best options for people with limitations. You may need to choose different faucets for each of them. Furthermore, the number of sink bowls is also crucial, but that depends on the countertop space for installing a sink. If you have a larger space for your kitchen sink, double sink bowls might work better for you. 

Bathroom with a Vessel Sink vs. Drop-In Sink for Quartz Countertops

Mount Styles for Bathroom Sinks: How To Match Them With A Quartz Countertop

Sinks are commonly divided into four styles: Under-mount Sinks, Drop-in Sinks, Vessel Sinks, and farmhouse sinks. Each of them has its characteristics and can be set with a quartz countertop. But some work well in a bathroom, and some are suitable for the kitchen.

  • Vessel sinks: This type of sink, also known as the top mount sink or bowl sink, has a bowl shape and stays on top of the countertop. Therefore, it is a better option for a bathroom sink. There is nothing wrong with using a vessel sink with a quartz countertop. However, it might be better for the countertop and the sink to be white to look more appealing.
  • Under-mount sinks: As the name claims, this type of sink is placed in the counter, so the sink is below the countertop. The under-mount sinks are one of the best options for kitchen quartz countertops because they let the countertop show itself.
  • Drop-in sinks: It might look very similar to under-mount sinks, but the main difference is that it has a lip that rests above the counter. Thus, it is more visible than the under-mount sinks. This type of sink is also a good option for the kitchen. However, if you want to set it with a quartz countertop, its material and colour become more important.

Farmhouse sinks: This style is very different from the others because it has an exposed front-facing side. That is why it is also called an apron front sink. A farmhouse sink can be used in the bathroom or kitchen. Due to its unique appearance, it is sometimes challenging to match it with the countertop. But if you can, it will look wonderful. However, since it is normally white and visible from the front side, it shows dirt and grime more than other types, so cleaning this type of sink is much harder.

Figure 2- Farmhouse or apron front kitchen sink
kitchen sinks for quartz countertops

What Color Sink Goes with Quartz Countertops?

Quartz stone comes in different colours because it can have up to 10% pigment during the process of production. So, you can have more chances of adding colours to your bathroom or kitchen. 

Best Sink Colour Match With White Quartz Countertops

What Colour Sink Goes With White Quartz Countertops? One of the colours that have popularity among people is white. It goes with any other colour and can be used in any decorating style. Moreover, it is one of the common colours for quartz stone. Therefore, most people like their countertop to be white, especially in a bathroom, because it adds purity and calmness to the place. You can match anything with white. White, black, or grey are the sink colours that match your white quartz countertop.

Stainless steel sinks are the most popular sinks to pair with a quartz countertop in your kitchen. They are compatible with most faucets, and don’t stain, rust and are relatively easy to clean.


Black Sink White Countertop VS. White Sink Black Countertop

Black and white are classical and useful colours to combine. These two colours are always the best options for the times you do not know how to match different colours. A white sink and black countertop are better options for a bathroom. On the other hand, a white countertop and a black sink can be very classy for a kitchen design.

Kitchen Countertops with Integrated Sinks
undermount bathroom sinks for quartz countertops

What colour goes with grey countertops

Since grey is a neutral colour, it can match well with different shades of quartz countertops. Grey will not make your kitchen or bathroom as dark as a black sink; it will not show dirt and grim as much as a white sink. So, it is a harmless choice for any type of decoration.

Best Material For Bathroom Sink Countertop

The material is the most critical part of a sink. Whether you want to buy it for a bathroom or kitchen, it is the material that guarantees the durability and long-lasting of a sink.

Granite Sinks 

Granite sinks are one of the most aesthetic and endurance materials that are highly compatible with quartz countertops. Granite is mainly used as a bathroom sink because it is hygienic, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. Furthermore, granite is heat resistant and comes in different shapes and sizes so that you may have more options based on your decoration and personal preferences.

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for kitchen sinks because it can be matched with most faucets. Additionally, stainless steel sinks are usually grey and in the under-mount style; consequently, it can be a flexible choice.

stainless steel drop-in kitchen sink with a quartz countertop
can you use a drop-in sink with quartz countertop

Cast Iron Sinks

If you wonder what are the most attractive sinks in the market, we can say the ones that are made with cast iron material, which is not only durable but also elegant and luxurious. This type of sink has a variety of styles and colours so they can match any quartz countertops.

Porcelain sinks

You can not find anything more beautiful and classical than a porcelain sink for a bathroom design. This material mostly comes in white, which is a great match for a white quartz countertop. Furthermore, porcelain is a popular material for farmhouse sinks and bowl sinks and one of the best bathroom sink materials. 

Tempered Glass sinks

Although it is rarely used, tempered glass sinks have a modern look and are one of the options to add beauty to your kitchen countertop. However, this material is not the best option you can match to any kitchen design. Since they are made of glass, they are prone to shatter. Tempered glass sinks can add a distinctive look to any kitchen. But, they are not long-lasting. If you like to change the kitchen sink every couple of years, consider buying a tempered glass sink. 

How To Match Quartz Countertops With Your Home Design

The main advantage of quartz stone is how well it matches any decorating type. You can add the kitchen sink after you find out what style you want your kitchen or bathroom to have. Here are the sink design options you have for kitchen and bathroom renovation

  • Farmhouse: As introduced earlier, a farmhouse-style sink is one of the trends for kitchen sinks. Although you can find many materials or colours for this sink style, it is mainly available in porcelain and white shade. A farmhouse sink is very ergonomic but needs more maintenance.
  • Modern: When we talk about a modern style, it mostly tends to be minimal. You can normally find modern sinks in blacks, greys, tans, or white colours. You can recognize them from their shapes too. A rectangular shape or any shape with clean lines is a better option to add a modern look to your kitchen.

Industrial: Generally, metals and steels give an industrial look to any place. Therefore, you can add stainless steel, copper, or bronze sinks to a quartz countertop in an industrial kitchen. Although metal is more usable in the kitchen, some like adding this combination to their bathroom.

Undermount sink with quartz countertops
bathroom sinks with quartz countertops

Smart Ways to Upgrade Bathroom Using Quartz Vanity Tops

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People would like to make kitchens and bathrooms more attractive and functional. One way to upgrade these places is by adding quartz vanity tops. Meanwhile, you cannot change the countertop and let the old sink stay. Therefore, you need to find the best sink compatible with this type of countertop. We tried to help you decide on buying bathroom sinks, but if you still need more consultation, feel free to contact us in Aquarina.

How to choose a sink for quartz countertops?

Since quartz countertops are eye-catching, it is better to choose a sink that lets the countertop shine in its place. Consider the decorating type, and your budget, then check what colours and materials go with the quartz countertop.

Which Kitchen Sink Works Best for Your White Quartz?

One of the advantages of a white quartz countertop is that you can match it with any colour. A porcelain bowl sink can be a wonderful option for the bathroom sink that matches a quartz countertop. You can also choose a black cast iron sink to add more elegance to your kitchen design.

Can you use undermount sinks with quartz countertops?

The under-mount sink can be the best option for a quartz countertop because it lets the countertop show itself. Furthermore, it gives you more freedom in choosing the shape, colour, and material.

What materials should I use in the bathroom with a quartz countertops design?

Generally, porcelain material is more popular as a bathroom sink. It also matches well with any type of quartz countertop design.

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