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Bathroom Grab Bars for Aging

A bathroom can be a dangerous place, especially for elders who may have lost their mobility or strength. Generally, standing under a shower on a slippery floor is difficult for these people. That is when you need to find the best bathroom design for the elderly. Senior-friendly bathroom designs are easy to apply. You only need to renovate some of the appliances in the bathroom to make it a safer place for old adults. 

How to Design the Best Bathroom for Elderly Seniors

To create the best bathroom design for the elderly, you should consider that seniors with different immobility should be able to walk into the bathroom and shower without any problem. They should enjoy their shower and not think this place is hazardous. Especially if they live alone, it would be much harder for them to take showers. But, if you modify the bathroom for the elderly, you can make it much easier for them to do their daily routines without needing anyone else.  

Renovations Options to Make Bathroom Senior Friendly

You can renovate your current bathroom to change it to the best bathroom design for the elderly. The following options can help you create a safe bathroom for the elderly.

Raise Heights

One of the elderly bathing solutions is raising the height of the toilet. It might be difficult for some elders to sit on the toilet seat. Therefore, you can install a raised toilet seat with grab bars so that there is no pressure on their knees to get up. Even adding 3” to the toilet height can make it easier for senior adults to use the toilet. 

best bathtub height for seniors

The same rule goes for the bathtub height too. Generally, it is easier for seniors to take a bath inside a bathtub than standing under the shower. The walk-in tubs would be a great option for such situations because they are deep enough that guarantee full-body immersion. The best height for a bathtub is also 30”. If you add a grab bar to the side wall of the tube, you can make it safer for older people to get out of the tube without any difficulties.

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Best bathroom sink for elderly

The bathroom sink is one of the items in the bathroom that people normally grab or lean on while washing their hands. The best bathroom design for the elderly should have a fixed and stable bathroom vanity so that it will not move when someone hits it. Furthermore, adding grab bars on the sides of the sink can also add safety to this place. The other important item in this part of the bathroom is the faucet. For a bathroom design for older adults, it is recommended to make everything as automatic as possible. Therefore, add a faucet with electric sensors so that they only put their hands in front of the sensor and wash them.

Use grab bars beside the bathroom sink.
Use grab bars beside the bathroom sink.

You can find a wide range of faucets on Aquarina; check the website to find a suitable bathroom faucet.

Shower Ideas for Elderly

Showering is the most hazardous process for seniors in the bathroom. It is also harder for old adults to stay in the shower for a long time. Thus, you should consider renovating the shower if the bathroom does not have much space for a walk-in bathtub.  You can also find modern and safe shower systems on Aquarina

Shower Seat

Add a shower seat with a suitable height to sit for elders. Shower seats can be movable, so you buy and put them under the shower, or you can modify the bathroom for the elderly and create such a place for your loved seniors. Thus, they do not think they are immobilized and will also enjoy the design of a senior citizen-friendly bathroom.

The best bathroom design for elderly
The best bathroom design for elderly

Shower Head

One of the ideas to make showering more fun and safe for elders is adding a hand-held shower head. Due to the movable shower head, seniors who sit on a shower seat and cannot stay directly under the stable shower will find it much easier to shower. Furthermore, shower heads that can customize the water pressure are a better option for seniors with sensitive skin. They may need a softer water pressure while showering.

Walk-in Shower Designs for Seniors (Zero-Threshold Shower)

Thus, you should consider renovating the shower if the bathroom does not have much space for a walk-in bathtub. Therefore, a walk-in shower design is a perfect solution, especially for people who use wheelchairs. A walk-in shower, or easy-access shower, does not have a high edge like a bathtub, so seniors can easily walk inside the shower room.

Improve The Location Floor and Lighting

The bathroom floor might be slippery most of the time. Bathroom design for older adults should be a safe solution for seniors to walk in and out. Additionally, the bathroom should have adequate light so it will be a brighter place for old adults and they can see everything without any problem.

Ensure Slip Resistance

The bathroom flooring is essential. The bathroom has water and suds; you should ensure the flooring is slip-resistance. Non-slip bath mats can be used in front of the bathroom floor or showering room to prevent slipping once the senior is out of the shower. It is better to avoid using rugs in the senior bathroom because they do not stay fixed to the floor and may move under the feet, which is not safe for elders.

 Use slip-resistance flooring.
 Use slip-resistance flooring.

Grab Bars

You cannot make a house senior-friendly if you do not use grab bars in different places, especially the bathroom. Grab bars help old adults with moving difficulties walk more confidently and protect themselves from falling. It is an essential item inside the bathrooms. You can add grab bars on the bathroom walls, beside the shower, bathtub or bathroom sink. The grab bars create a safer route for elders to reach wherever they want.

best bathtub grab bars for seniors

There are different grab bars in the market. Some are fixed to the walls and doors horizontally or vertically. But if there is a place where you cannot add grab bars to the wall, you can use the tension poles, which are considered an alternative to a grab bar, and you do not need to fix it to the wall. A tension pole is a horizontal rail fixed to the floor or ceiling so elders can grab and stable their moves. The tension poles can be practical in large bathrooms where seniors have more space to walk.         

Best Small Bathroom Design Remodel for the Elderly

Whether you have a large or a small bathroom , you should create a senior citizen-friendly bathroom. Choose cost-effective options, such as grab bars, shower seats, or lever faucets, to remodel the small bathroom for elderly. Do not forget the non-slippery bathroom flooring in the small bathroom design. The safer you create the bathroom for your grandparents, the safer their lives will be.

Make it easier for people with wheelchairs to move in a bathroom.
 Make it easier for people with wheelchairs to move in a bathroom.

Bottom Line

The best bathroom design for the elderly not only increases the independence of your loved one but also makes them more confident about living alone. If they can live easier, they will have a better mood. Design a bathroom for the elderly in a way that makes it much more fun and effortless for them to do their daily work. You can check the Aquarina website to see the latest bathroom design ideas.


How to design a bathroom for older people?

First, older people should be able to move easily through the bathroom. Add grab bars to the walls, use non-slippery flooring, and put all essential items within easy reach, so they do not need to move inside the bathroom.

Is a bath or shower better for elderly?

Generally, a shower with a shower seat would be more effortless for older adults with arthritis and joint pain. They do not need to lift their legs to pass the tub wall, so it would be safer for them to shower.

How do I make my tub senior-friendly?

Raise the bathtub height to 30 inches and add a grab bar or a tension pole beside the bathtub so they can hold them to get up and stand without any trouble.

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