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Should A Bathroom Mirror Be Wider Than The Vanity?

Should I buy a mirror wider than vanity?

A mirror is one of the main objects in a bathroom. Since it is placed over a vanity, it is critical to know whether you should choose a mirror wider than the vanity or if it should be equal to the vanity’s size. If you want to buy a new mirror for your bathroom, here are some rules you need to consider about the size and shape of bathroom mirrors.

How Wide Should A Mirror Be Over The Vanity Sink?

It might be complicated for you to find the right vanity mirror for your bathroom. You may wonder how large the vanity mirror width should be. Shall the mirror be larger than the vanity? Shall it be smaller? Or what shapes go well with the current bathroom vanity?

The first thing that is noteworthy about the vanity mirror is its width. When we look at the mirror and the vanity, they should be at the same level. Therefore, check the vanity width before buying a mirror. Then, check the width of the mirror you have chosen. Ensure it is not larger than the vanity size because the vanity mirror width should be at least 1 to 2 inches less than the vanity width to look centred  and aligned. For example, if your vanity width is 24 inches, the mirror width should be almost 22 to 23 inches. You may also ask: what happens if the bathroom mirror is wider than the vanity?

Some may think it is not a big deal if a mirror is larger than its vanity. But the mirror wider than the vanity makes the bathroom unbalanced. It might make the bathroom look uncluttered and smaller than it actually is. Therefore, to have a more aesthetic decoration in your bathroom, make sure you stick to the vanity mirror sizing rules.

Should Mirror Be Centred  Over Vanity?

For the bathroom to look more harmonious, it is crucial for all the objects to look symmetrical, especially the vanity and its mirror. When you position a mirror over the vanity, always ensure that there is equal space from each side of the mirror, and the same goes for the space between the mirror and the vanity. It should be mentioned that human eyes like symmetry. Whenever you enter a room, the symmetrical objects look more aesthetic. Otherwise, everything may look unbalanced, untidy, and without harmony.

However, you should also know that the mirror position over the vanity also depends on the vanity style and the mirror shape. Therefore, there might be times when they are not completely aligned but still look good.

It is more harmonious if a mirror is centred  over the vanity
It is more harmonious if a mirror is centred over the vanity?

Rules of Vanity Set Decoration 

Although the decoration type of every room is different and depends on the owners’ taste, some rules can help you find the right mirror over vanity size. 

Mirror Width

We completely explained the vanity mirror width, which should be at least 1 inch smaller than the vanity size. However, for the round mirrors, you might not need to be this strict about the width. It will be fine if it is not significantly larger than the vanity.

Mirror Height

The height of the mirror determines whether the vanity mirror is vertical or horizontal in your decoration. It is generally better for the mirror to be wide and vertically placed if you have a wide vanity, such as a double vanity. But, if your vanity is small, the tall and horizontal mirror can be suitable for your bathroom design.

Mirror For a Small Vanity

If the vanity is not that wide, it is recommended to pair it with a narrow and vertical mirror. Furthermore, a tall mirror with curved edges is ideal for a round sink or square vanity. 

curved edges mirror
Add more smoothness to the bathroom with curved-edges mirrors.

Mirror In a Small Bathroom

You may not have much space in a small bathroom to use a large and wide mirror. Generally, frameless mirrors look larger. Using them in a small bathroom can create an illusion of a bigger space in that area. Additionally, wall mirrors can be a suitable pair for small bathrooms.

Double Vanity Mirror

Generally, big bathrooms have a double vanity, which is more common in luxury apartments and houses. You can either choose one large mirror that covers the wall over the vanity or use two separate mirrors. Consider the rules of vanity mirror width and the alignment of the mirror positioning over the vanity.

Best shape mirror for small bathroom

The shape of a mirror can greatly affect the overall look and feel of a bathroom, especially in small ones. Though there are plenty of mirror shapes and sizes out there, some work better in small bathrooms.

  1. Mirrors with square or rectangular shapes provide a clean and simple look, making them a popular choice for small bathrooms. Depending on the wall height, square or rectangular mirrors can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  2. Round Shaped Mirrors: Small bathrooms look more spacious with round mirrors, which add a soft and gentle touch. The round mirror can also complement any style of bathroom, whether it is traditional or contemporary.
  3. Similarly to round mirrors, octagonal mirrors create a soft, rounded appearance, but they have a more modern look as well. In a small bathroom, oval mirrors can add a touch of sophistication and can be hung vertically or horizontally.
  4. Long, narrow mirrors – Mirrors with long, narrow edges can create a sense of space in small bathrooms. You can also make a small bathroom appear taller by hanging a long, narrow mirror vertically.
  5. Frameless mirrors – Mirrors that have no frames are also a great option for small bathrooms since they give the room a more spacious appearance and provide a minimal look. A frameless mirror is also easy to clean and maintain.

Should a Bathroom Mirror be Wider Than The Light Fixture?

Most experts agree that a mirror should be wider than a light fixture. Wider mirrors reflect more light into the room, enhancing the overall brightness of the room. This is especially important in smaller bathrooms where natural light may be limited. A wider mirror also creates a more spacious illusion, making the room feel larger than it actually is.

It’s also more aesthetically pleasing to have a wider mirror than a light fixture, besides being more practical. A big mirror with a narrow light fixture can look out of balance, while a small mirror with a wide light fixture can look crowded. Mirrors that are wider than light fixtures give the room a more cohesive look.

double vanity mirror width
A double vanity can match a wide vertical mirror.

Bottom Line

If you want your bathroom to look as attractive as other parts of the house, consider buying the right mirrors and vanities. It is better to avoid choosing a mirror wider than a vanity because it may make your bathroom unbalanced and asymmetrical.

What size double mirrors for a 72-inch vanity?

Technically, a mirror should be at least 1 or 2 inches smaller than the vanity. Therefore, a 72-inch vanity should be paired with a 70 or 71-inch mirror.

What size should the mirror be over the vanity?

Although there is no rule about that, choosing a mirror size that is 1-2 inches shorter than the vanity width is common.. 

Can a Bathroom Mirror be Wider Than Vanity?

It is normally up to your decoration style, but most decorators do not think it is a good idea to choose a mirror wider than a vanity.

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