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Bathroom Mirrors

Beveled Glass Mirror (9)

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Hexagonal and Octagonal Mirrors (6)

LED Backlit Bathroom Mirrors (28)

Oval Bathroom Mirror (9)

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Showing 1–21 of 159 results

Mirrors to Suit Your Style

Create an Unforgettable Reflection with Aquarina

Whether you are looking for a contemporary bathroom mirror, a traditional one, or something with a bit of edge, our collection of bathroom mirrors has something for every style!

Say Goodbye To Boring Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors come in different shapes, all of which can add to the aesthetic of a space while also functioning to provide reflection and aid in grooming tasks. From a vintage bathroom mirror to more interesting designs, there is some Mirror to suit every bathroom.

Create an Unforgettable Reflection with Aquarina

Types Of Bathroom Mirrors

Frameless Mirror

These mirrors are perfect for creating a modern, sophisticated look in any room. They are free of frames or clips, featuring just a single sheet of polished glass.

LED Mirror

Bathroom mirror LED uses energy-efficient LED lights to ensure you are provided with the clearest reflection possible at all times. They come in various designs and sizes. Some models even feature built-in soundproofing, anti fog heated bathroom mirror, and charging ports.

Vanity Mirrors

Wall-mounted vanity mirrors are the perfect addition to any dressing table or makeup station. They come with adjustable stands, allowing you to fine-tune the angle of your reflection to ensure you always look your best!

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

A bathroom mirror with a medicine cabinet serves two purposes – it provides both stylish storage and a great way to check your reflection as you prepare for the day. Mirror cabinets can perfectly fit into tight spaces, making it easy to designate a specific area to store all your bathroom essentials with just a few furniture.

Ledge Mirrors

These mirrors feature built-in shelves for displaying decorative objects or storing items such as shampoo and cosmetics. It saves space in crowded bathrooms and offers the perfect spot for quick touch-ups on the go.

Framed Mirrors

The mirrors are the most common type of mirror, and they are designed to be hung up on a wall. They often feature a frame around the mirror to give it a more decorative look and protect the edges of the mirror from getting chipped or broken.

Floor Mirrors

Tall mirrors stand on their own, usually at the foot of a bed or in a designated area. They often have larger frames than wall-mounted mirrors, which makes them perfect for creating the illusion of more space in a room.

Get a Modern Bathroom Mirror with a Timeless Design!

From a practical standpoint, a bathroom mirror provides the space with double the light and the ability to see ourselves at full size. It also helps us check our hair, makeup, and outfit before heading out the door. But apart from its everyday functionality, a unique bathroom mirror is a tool for self-reflection. The mirror can remind us to stay present in the moment and reflect on our lives to continue growing and thriving.

Rectangular Mirrors

A rectangular bathroom mirror is the most common shape among bathroom mirrors. They are timeless classics, bringing out the best in a bathroom with their classic, versatile design.

Circular Mirrors

Circular mirrors have become popular recently, adding a modern touch to any bathroom. From large round mirrors that become the focal point of the space to small accent circles, they can be very effective for brightening up an area or giving a modern twist to traditional decorating schemes.

Oval Mirrors

Oval mirrors are growing in popularity for bathroom spaces thanks to their sleek lines and modern curves that pair well with angular faucets and sinks. An oval mirror works best placed above an oval basin or larger freestanding tub, where it can impressively reflect the area and make it sing.

Oblong Mirrors

Oblong mirrors are one of the few shapes that can be used horizontally and vertically. Horizontally mounted above double sinks, these frames help to unite two disparate basins into a cohesive unit. While vertically, these mirrors can look elegant when hung over the bathtub or shower stall.

Update Your Bathroom with a New Bathroom Mirror

Add a touch of beauty to your bathroom with an Aquarina selection of stylish mirrors. We guarantee a new mirror will become your guests' conversation starter and envy. All of the mirrors on our website have been carefully designed and constructed with quality materials and finishes for durability, beauty, and easy installation.

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What kind of mirrors are best for bathrooms?

Frameless mirrors are popular as they are modern, sleek, and easy to clean.

What styles are trending in the bathroom mirrors market?

The current trend in bathroom mirrors is round or circular mirrors.

What is the ideal size of a mirror that should be placed over the vanity in a bathroom?

The best way to determine what size mirror you need for your bathroom vanity is to choose one that is 1-2 inches shorter than the width of the countertop in the vanity area.