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When Should A Bathtub Faucet Be Replaced?


Did you know the money you pay for a bathtub faucet replacement is less than the money you may have to pay for this water leakage on your water bills? Like any other objects in your house, the faucets get old and need a replacement. This change has several benefits, including a few: you will give your bathroom a new look and save money by preventing water leakage. 

There are signs that show you it is time to replace the bathtub faucet. Therefore, read this blog to find out when to buy a new bath faucet.

When Should A Bathtub Faucet Be Replaced?

A high-quality faucet usually lasts up to 15 years. However, if you use it carefully, you can expand this time to 20. Apart from the lifespan of a faucet, there may be times that you need to replace a faucet sooner.

The following signs show it is time to replace the bathtub faucet:

Poor Water Pressure

The water pressure is one sign that your faucet has problems. The low water pressure indicates debris buildup in pipes or your faucet is corroded. Therefore, you either need to call a plumber to inspect the pipes or replace the bath spout.

Dripping Faucet

Even one drop of water is a waste, and you should prevent it. If your faucet is dripping even when it is not open, you should replace it with a new tap. However, some techniques may help you fix the problem, but they will be temporary. Sooner or later, a dripping faucet should be changed.

Dripping water shows the faucet needs to be replaced
Dripping water shows the faucet needs to be replaced

Leaking Water

When a faucet is broken, water leaks from every part of it. One of the places where this leakage happens is faucet handles. The materials that are used inside the faucet might have been worn out. Therefore, you may change the handle valve or replace the whole faucet with a new one. Sometimes you may need to change the shower head for the bathtub too. Therefore, do not only rely on replacing the bath spout.

Rust and Corrosion

Some parts of the faucets are regularly in contact with water and air, which are the reasons that can cause corrosion or rust. If you clean the faucet from time to time, you can prevent this from happening soon. But in a long time, this rust will damage the faucet and lead to leakage. Thus, change the faucet as soon as you see any signs of corrosion.

What Does A Good Faucet Look Like?

You may want to buy new bathroom faucets or would like to know if your current bathtub faucet is in good condition. It will be important to know what a good faucet looks like. You should know that if the colour of your current bathtub faucet is not changed, it is not dripping, and the handles are working well without leaking, you can still count on this set. Regarding buying a new faucet, it is better to check the materials, the size, and the installation guide. After checking the bathroom design ideas and trends, you can also choose the new faucet.

What Does A Good Faucet Look Like?
Check the appearance of the current faucet.

Why Should You Replace Bathtub Faucet?

A broken faucet needs to be replaced with a new one. But should you wait until your faucet is damaged or water leaks to replace bathtub faucets? There are other reasons for a bathtub faucet replacement.

Bathroom New Look

A new design in the house can change the mood of the people inside it. The bathroom is one of the places that also need this change. Changing the faucets can give a bathroom a new look at the lowest cost. You only need to check the Bathtub Faucets and find the right one for your new design.

Why Should You Replace Bathtub Faucet? a new look to the bathroom with new faucets
Give a new look to the bathroom with new faucets

Preventing Water Leaking

The world is calling for saving water, even one drop. Therefore, if your faucet is leaking or dripping, do not hesitate to replace it. You can have an impact on the environment by bathtub faucet replacement.

Saving Money

Did you know that you may waste 100 gallons of water a day from a faucet dripping? It will affect your water bill at the end of the month too.If you replace the bathtub faucet and prevent this leakage, you will not only help the earth but also save money.

How do you know if you need a new faucet?

It is recommended to check the faucet for leaking or any signs of mineral deposits regularly. If you see the faucet is looking old or dripping and the handles are not working properly, you should buy a new bath faucet. However, you can fix some problems soon and prevent the costs of purchasing a new one. Furthermore, it is better to clean the faucet to avoid corrosion or rust.

Replacing a Bathtub Faucet, Step By Step
how to remove bathtub faucet handle?

The Cost Of Replacing A Bathtub Faucet

Consider evaluating the cost of the new bath faucet before purchasing it. The faucets have different prices based on their material, brand, durability, appearance, and even the technology they may have, such as sensors. You can add the cost of installing a new bathtub faucet to it. However, you may be able to replace the standard and simple faucets yourself, but for the newer ones, such as smart faucets, you may need the help of an expert.

Can I Replace A Tub Spout With A Hand Shower?

You can attach a hand shower to your existing shower setup. However, the method may differ based on your current bathtub faucet set. But the steps are almost the same. First, you need to remove the tub spout and find the attachment for the hand shower. This is not as simple as installing a new bathtub faucet. Thus, we recommend you call professionals for this job.

Replacing a Bathtub Faucet, Step By Step

If you know a little technical work, you may not need the help of an expert to change the faucets. Follow these steps to replace a bathtub faucet.

  1. Shut off the water at the closest valve.
  2. Unscrew the current faucet to remove its spout and handles. 
  3. Install the handles first. 
  4. Install the spout and fix it with a screwdriver. 
  5. Test the water pressure and check if there is any water leakage from the handles or spouts. 
how to replace bathtub faucet stem
how to replace bathtub faucet

Bottom Line 

Bathtub faucets are important parts of a bathroom. Their look, the shower water pressure, and performance can impact your relaxation in the bathtub and save you from paying high water bills too. Therefore, check the signs that show you need to replace the bathtub faucet to avoid any water waste and keep your bathroom looking perfect.


Can I replace a bathtub faucet myself?

If you follow the bathtub faucet repair guide, it will be easier for you to replace standard and simple faucets yourself.

Is it normal for a tub spout to leak?

The leaking water shows the tub spout is in trouble. You may need to fix it or replace it with a new one.

How to remove the faucet tub?

You usually need a screwdriver to unscrew the tub faucet from the wall. Check the installation guide for the new faucet you buy to install it properly.

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